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prayer wheels
prayer mills
prayer mill
Om Symbol icon glossy red, isolated on white background
prayer wheels
Sekten! - Stift Konzept
Praying man
Stift Konzept - Sekten!
Stift Konzept - Sekte!
Middle Eastern Man Praying
Middle Eastern man with turban
Sekte! - Stift Konzept
Aberglaube! - Stift Konzept
Om Symbol icon blue, isolated on white background.
Om Symbol icon red, isolated on white background
Stift Konzept - Aberglaube!
Om Symbol icon blue glass, isolated on white background.
Cool Arabic Man
Cool Arab Man
Golden Temple
expert blue marker
Yoga guru playing flute, isolated on white
Portrait of smiling relaxed man playing flute
Image of yoga guru meditates in studio
Image of smiling yoga guru playing flute, close-up
Studio shot of smiling man doing yoga
Mantra - Tvameva - Gelb Grün Mantra
Mantra - Tvameva - Lila Wellenform
buddhist monk in meditation pose over black background
Crazy bald guru plays air guitar over white background
Business coach, trainer or leader concept - isolated
Smiling guru with open arms over white background
Stock image of Arab man praying over black background
Funny guru sitting with a laptop computer.
Financial Advisor sat on a stack of money
Guru in the colorful streets of Kathmandu
Funny guru sitting lotus style.
buddhist monk in meditation pose over black background
Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India
Nepal, Kathmandu Valley, october 11, 2010. Shaiva sadhu (holy man) seeking alms in front of a temple in Pashupatinath
Cropped image of a male music conductor directing with his baton in concert
Image of a mobster, gangster, or boss in a dark factory setting. Harsh lighting, high-contrast and cross-processing for meaner look.
Stock image of Arabic man praying over open sky background
Kathmandu, Nepal - October 10, 2010: Shaiva sadhu seeking alms in front of a temple
Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India
Bald Caucasian guru prays with hands together over white background
Meditative young man on the sky background
Vintage India postage stamp of 1948 showing an engraved portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, issued to celebrate the first anniversary of India s independence
Yoga guru playing flute, isolated on white background
Yoga chakorasana pose by Indian man in white cloth in yoga shala, Varkala, Kerala, India
Hands of a Hindu pilgrim offering prayer to river goddess Ganges
INDIA - CIRCA 1977: stamp printed by India, shows religious leader Paramahansa Yogananda, circa 1977
Hand in merudanda mudra by Indian man isolated at white background. Gesture for Activating the prana energy in the center of the chest, warms the body. Free space for your text
New age senior man in orange shirt making peace sign
Business coaching - business school concept with enlightened businessman
Giggling woman with peacock feather tickles a meditating guru
MARRAKECH, MOROCCO - FEBRUARY 22, 2016: The Majorelle Garden is a botanical garden and artist's landscape garden in Marrakech, Morocco.
DELHI - SEPTEMBER 22:  Old Sikh devotee with orange turban at Sis Ganj Gurdwara temple  on September 22, 2007 in Delhi, India. Worldwide there are about 25 million Sikhs.

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