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oil lamp
Indian woman
prayer wheels
prayer mills
Der glückliche Buddha - Gold Rot 03
Indian woman
temple in kathmandu valley
Indian woman
devotee's leg
prayer mill
Hindu temple in sunset
Prambanan ruins
Hindu temple
Prambanan ruins
thaipusam festival
Prambanan ruins
Prambanan ruins
River Ganges Varanasi
Om Zeichen - Holz auf Holz
Detail of carved relief.
Happy Indian woman
Clear OM Sign - Gold on Black
Ganges River
Om Symbol icon glossy red, isolated on white background
Beautiful Indian
Hindu Devotee at Thaipusam procession
prayer wheels
Portrait of an old man
Tibetan portable prayer mills.
Storm Cloud Above Angkor Wat
Beautiful Asian woman prays in the temple. Bali. Indonesia
Indian arch silhouette in old temple at dramatic orange sunset sky background. Free space for text
Ganesha Painting on white background
Colorful clay diya lamps with flowers on purple background
Woman hands with henna holding lit candle isolated on black background with clipping path
Inside of Meenakshi hindu temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India
Ceremony Set Up For Indian Wedding
Traditional Indian woman in sari costume covered her face with veil, India
Beautiful portrait of a young Asian girl talking on mobile phone against majestic white background
Hindu Temple With Deities Statues
Portrait of Traditional Indian woman in sari costume covered her face with veil, India
beautifully decorated indian hands with mehandi typically done for weddings
Woman hands with henna holding candle isolated on black background with clipping path
Meditating in old temple with decorative arches at dramatic sunset sky with light hole in the clouds
Inside of Meenakshi hindu temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India. Religious hall of thousands of columns
Woman doing yoga in ruined ancient temple with columns, Hampi, Karnataka, India
Image of a gorgeous Indian bride and groom traditionally dressed
Hundu god Shiva in Murudeswar, India
wedding ring
Hindu Indian wedding ceremony in a temple
Indian God Statue with Cow at the Temple
Indian couple in traditional wear  Isolated on a white background
collage with hindu  gods ( Lakshmi, Hanuman,Shiva,Parvati,...)
Traditional Indian earthen lamp during Diwali
Virupaksha temple view from the Hemakuta hill at sunset in Hampi, Karnataka, India
image of hindu god  Krishna with cow, peacock and flute on antique pottery tile
Stone chariot in courtyard of Vittala Temple at sunset overcast sky in Hampi, Karnataka, India
set of antique tiles with images of hindu gods: ( Gansha, Lakshmi,  Hanuman and Lord Rama and his wife Sita , and Krishna )
Bas reliefes in Hindu temple. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu, India
Hindu temple at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - religion symbol

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